About us

Easy and accessible logistics for everyone.

"To accelerate the tech transition required in the logistics industry by connecting all stakeholders to a world of opportunities."

-Our Vision

"To create much needed productivity through technology and thereby change the perception of the trucking industry.

Ensure safer roads for all, safe return of our pilots from their work while ensuring more income.

Contribute to a more greener environment by improving productivity and reducing idling time of trucks on the road."

-Our Mission


We are committed to provide hires for truck owners.

We are committed to bring more productivity to the industry.

We are committed to making the roads of this country safe.

We are committed to bringing each driver back home safely.

We are committed to delivering goods to our customers safely.

Our Group

VirTrans Capital (Pvt) Ltd is a multi-faceted investment outfit specializing in industry-changing technology solutions in the Virtual Transport sphere. The company was setup with the aim of designing, developing and implementing innovative B2B and B2C solutions within traditional operating industries as well as introducing sustainable business models for industries already disrupted by technological automation.

VirTrans aspires to empower people, ideas, businesses, industries and communities with our commitment to delivering cost effective, pragmatic and sustainable automation solutions aimed at solving day-to-day problems and complex industry bottlenecks.